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A minimalistic webchat with xmpp-connect


talkbox is a small and simple webchat built with node.js and jQuery. Currently, there isn't any spam filtering, also nobody claims it's secure.

But: It's super fast to deploy, has a minimal footprint and you might be able to learn something while looking at it.

An instance running:

Currently we have:

  • webinterface (needs javascript in browser)
  • xmpp-connector to have jabber/xmpp-users join your chat
  • coloured nicknames!
  • content embedding functionality for pictures and many websites like youtube, vimeo, etc.
  • markdown support (github-flavoured)

It couldn't be simpler!

with npm

npm install talkbox
npm start talkbox

from git

git clone
cd talkbox.js
npm install
npm start

talkbox.js is licensed under LGPLv3. See the LICENSE file for a copy.