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Talk highlight

This is a simple module for converting texts to HTML for forums.
Markdown is not a good choice for forums, so I'd like to create one.
As I talked at and


  • Highlight common used keywords for programming languages
  • A option list for the strings you want to highlight
  • Links will be recognized
  • Simple Links of images will be recognized


  • This is used togather with white-space: pre-wrap
  • Use monospaced font for contents
  • CSS is used to configure the colors

Known problems:

  • Keywords like span and class may fail
  • Strings cannot be markuped here


Get this module from NPM:

npm install talk-highlight

Use it in your code:

{convert} = require 'talk-highlight'
talk = 'hi console.log'
options =
  keyword: 'for console'
  'any-can-be-class': 'CoffeeScript JavaScript'
convert talkoptions # outputs HTML 

Or read the test/ for more details.