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Offline-first, location based story telling. Create tales that get people moving.

Here is a very boring example, gfor your reference:

Also, see the wiki:


npm install tale -g


Enter a empty directory and run tale init to help you start. eg

mkdir wibbile-wobble
cd wibble-wobble
tale init

This will help you scafold out a story. It has a package.json which describes the story, and folders representing the chapters. Edit the chapters and make something fun!

To build the html5 app the will play the story, run

tale build

and this will generate a build dir that is totally offline enabled, with each chapter is encrypted.

If you want to test it in a browser:

tale serve


When your story is ready, just do

tale publish

This will publish it to as public story.

If you choose to host is somewhere else, just copy the build directory to any http server.