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    tsg.yml Configuration Options

    templatePath: src/templates   #Sets the path to look for templates
    staticPath: static            #TS deploys this directory. All of your JS, CSS need to end up here. Files like robots.txt, humans.txt and other files that do not need processing should live here.
    buildPath: build              #Temporary build directory 
    locale: en-us #default
      tz: America/New_York #default
      format: LLL #default
    context:                      #Global context available to all routes. 
      assets: ../../static/assets/manifest.json
      [KEY]: [VALUE]
    routes:                       #Routes tell TS which template to join with which context (graphql query) and the format of the resulting directory structure to generate
        path: /
        template: pages/homepage.html
        context: data/homepage.graphql
    htmlCompression:              #Settings for compressing/minifying the generated html
      enabled: false #default
      options:                    #Refer to Html Compression section of readme to see options


    TS uses the Nunjucks templating language. You can find detailed documentation on the Nunjucks site: (

    TS specific Nunjucks Filters

    • route(routeName: String)
      {{ post | route('posts') }}
      Returns a relative path to a piece of content as defined by the routes in tsg.yml. The input Object must have the necessary fields specified in the route path in order to construct the path properly.
    • md
      {{ markdown | md }}
      Markdown to safe HTML using the CommonMark spec
    • numberFormat(format: String)
      {{ numberField | numberformat(',.2r') }}
      # grouped thousands with two significant digits, 4200 -> "4,200"
      Returns a number formatted according to the the format specifier string
    • code(language: String)
      {{ codeField | code('javascript') }}
      Uses prism.js to return an HTML representation of the highlighted code. Takes an optional language string. You will need to manually include the corresponding CSS in your project.
    • image(params: Object)
      {{ imageField | image({w: 320, h: 240, q: 90, crop: 'faces'}) }}
      Returns an imgix ready url. Takes an object of keys and values for any imgix filter
    • date(format: String|Object)
      {{ date | date('MMM Do YYYY') }}
      {{ date | date({format: 'MMM Do YYYY', tz: 'America/Los_Angeles') }}
      {{ date | date({format: 'LLL', tz: 'America/Los_Angeles', locale: 'fr') }}
      Formats dates using moment.js. format can be either a format string or an object where you can specify a format and override the default timezone and locale (configured in tsg.yml).

    Configuring Block Canvas imgix settings via tsg.yml

    Similarly to how the Nunjucks image filter allows you to apply imgix settings by specifying an object of keys and values, TS also allows you to apply these same settings to images within block canvas elements using the tsg.yml configuration.

    Imgix settings are applied per route using the following syntax:

        path: /
        template: pages/homepage.html
        context:                      #Context is defined as an object with a query and variables
          query: data/homepage.graphql
            imageConfig:              #Imgix settings must be specified in a variable named imageConfig
              w: 500
              h: 500

    Then, wherever you make your GraphQL query, ensure that the imageConfig variable is passed to the block canvas Html query:

    query($imageConfig: JSON){
      home {
        blockCanvasHtml(imageConfig: $imageConfig)

    Imgix settings objects may be defined once and reused in multiple routes in tsg.yml using YAML anchors:

    smallImageConfig: &smallImageConfig
       w: 25
       h: 25
    largeImageConfig: &largeImageConfig
       w: 500
       h: 500
        path: /
        template: pages/homepage.html
          query: data/homepage.graphql
              <<: *smallImageConfig
          path: /
          template: pages/about.html
            query: data/about.graphql
                <<: *smallImageConfig
            path: /
            template: pages/gallery.html
              query: data/gallery.graphql
                  <<: *largeImageConfig          

    Html Compression

    TS uses Minimize, a highly configurable, well-tested, JavaScript-based HTML minifier. You can find detailed documentation on the Minimize site.


    All options listed in the Options section of the Minimize site may be set:


    in tsg.yml:

    enabled: true
      empty: true
      comments: true




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