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A simple static webserver with only one command


A simple static webserver with only one command. Heavily inspired by glance, this is really more of a learning experience then anything.

You can install from npm

sudo npm install -g takeapeek

Or get the latest from github(not really necessary, I push to npm often)

sudo npm install -g
-d, --directory     The directory to serve.                            [default: "."]
-i, --index         Show directory indexes.                            [default: true]
-n, --dotfiles      Show dotfiles.                                     [default: false]
-p, --port          The port to serve on.                              [default: 3141]
-c, --config        Specify config file                              
-t, --content-text  Serve all files with content-type of 'text/plain'  [default: false]
-v, --verbose       Verbose logging.                                   [default: false]
-q, --quiet         Quiet mode. No output                              [default: false]
-V, --version       Print the version info.                            [default: false]
-h, --help          Prints this help.

takeapeek will automaticly check .takeapeekrc and ~/.takeapeekrc, you can specify a specific config file with the -c option.

Config files are parsed as if they were options on the command line. E.g.

-d .. -v

Would serve the parent directory verbosely

You can use takeapeek as a module if you want.

takeapeek = require "takeapeek"
tap = new takeapeek options 

The options line up to the long names in the usage above.

This project would have been a real pain in the ass without these awesome FOSS projects.