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Takana is a Sass/CSS live-editor. It lets you see your SCSS and CSS style changes live, in the browser, as you type them.


  • Currently, Takana supports OSX, Linux and Sublime Text 2 & 3.
  • Takana uses libsass under the hood, if you're using node-sass you'll be fine. However, if you're using the ruby compiler, you may need to refactor your code to get it running with libsass.

Getting Started

Using the CLI

1. Install the CLI

Install the takana command to your system path:

$ npm install -g takana

2. Start takana

Run takana by specifying the root of your project directory:

$ takana /path/to/project_folder

3. Add the JavaScript snippit to your HTML

Now add the JavaScript snippit to any page you want to live update:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:48626/takana.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">{
    host: 'localhost:48626' // optional, defaults to localhost:48626 

4. You're all set

Finally open the web page that you pasted the snippit into on the previous step. Then open one of its referenced stylesheets in Sublime and start live-editing!

Using Grunt

We maintain a grunt plugin for easy integration with Takana. Head over to mechio/grunt-takana for instructions on getting started.


You can install your development folder with

$ npm install

Please adjust unit tests, if you change code. Run tests with:

$ npm test