node package manager


command util


npm install tailor-cmd -g


tailor set {item} {key=value}
tailor unset {item} {key}


set the boxes repo

tailor set vagrant repo=path

global order

tailor vagrant global-staus
tailor vagrant box list

operate the box

tailor vagrant init -boxname
tailor vagrant up -boxname
tailor vagrant halt -boxname


set the nginx path

tailor set nginx path=path

proxy the order

tailor nginx
tailor nginx -s quit


set repo and lib path

tailor set project repo=path tailor set project lib=path

  • create project

tailor create name --[static|node] --[sass|less]? --es6?

  • add project

tailor add name url?

  • remove project

tailor remove name -f?

  • use project

tailor use project name

  • compile sass to css

tailor sass

  • compile less to css

tailor less

  • compile js by webpack

tailor webpack

  • compress css or js or both

tailor compress --[css|js|both]?

  • compress img by tinypng

set tinykey

tailor set tinypng key=tinykey


tailor tinypng

  • zip current project or another

tailor zip name?

  • watch file change on current project or another

tailor watch name?

  • run a local server for current project or another

tailor server name?