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    This is Taginator, the last tags generator you need.

    Start Taginator at your system startup or user login and it generates fresh tags files for each of your projects. After that it watches your project for file changes and updates the tags file if you change a file. If you change more files, e.g. with a git rebase/checkout, Taginator waits till there are no change notifications any more and generates the complete tags file again.


    • run npm install -g coffee-script to make sure coffee-script is globally installed
    • install this by hand
      • git clone http://github.com/hoschi/taginator
      • cd taginator
      • npm install
      • bin/taginator
    • or with npm
      • npm install -g taginator

    Tags generation for JavaScript

    Install jsctags first, if you want to generate tags for JavaScript. After that put my ctags script into your ~/bin/ directory so it calls ctags or jsctags automatically.


    Create the file /.taginator.json and put your project configurations in an array. Here is an example configuration:


    Run taginator with your config or the example config and browse to http://localhost:3000/ to see an explanation of your configuration.


    • name the name of the project
    • cwd the current working directory of your project and base path for inputDirs
    • output file path for the tags file
    • extensions valid file extensions to generate tags for
    • ctagArgs static arguments for the ctags command passed on every call for this project
    • inputDirs for the ctags command
    • globs which select the files should be watched

    Important notes

    This project uses the library node-glob, so Windows users also must use forward slashes instead of back slashes. Please read the note at the end of this site.

    Using ~/ as a shortcut for your home dir is ok at all OSs.

    The cwd property must have a trailing slash so it can be removed safely from found files to make them relative paths. This config property is not optional!


    Start Taginator and let it update your tags files automatically :) In vim I had to set the tags file in my ~/.vimrc the following way to enable jumping between tags:

    set tags=tags


    Use nodemon to automatically restart the app:

    nodemon -e .coffee,.js,.json -w /home/YOURHOMEDIR/.taginator.json -w .  --exec coffee taginator.coffee




    npm i taginator

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