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Node.js integration between Salesforce and STAG, created by LeapFrog project Frog

Getting Started

This assumes that you feel comfy in the command line, that you have Node.js 6+ installed. (Node will bring in npm with it.)

  • Clone this repo
  • cd tadpole
  • npm install to add all the packages
  • nodemon app.js to start the server
  • navigate your browser to localhost:4000

Folder structure

We're starting from a really basic Node app. To find all the files that came down with the initial Micros build out, check the og-tadpole folder.

Steph's TOP SECRECT notes to herself

  • Make endpoint for Salesforce to hit -- How will this work in the micros ecosystem -- What do I need to build to make this work
  • Error logging (both directions) -- "This is what I sent. Was I successful? This is what I got."
  • How to deploy?