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A CLI deployment and process monitoring tool, part of the taco modular deployment system for unix.

Uses the mon process monitor, written in C. Lets you manage and deploy processes from tarball streams.


npm install taco-mon -g


Usage: taco-mon <command>
start            start a process by name
stop             stop a process by name
restart          stop and start a process by name
deploy           deploy a new process from a tarball
status           get the status of all processes
link             symlink an external program into the taco deploys folder
clean            remove all extracted tarballs not currently deployed
Run 'taco-mon <command> -h' to view usage for a specific command

The usage/ folder has full use for each command

taco-mon deploy

Pipe a tarball into this and supply a path as the first argument. The tarball will be unpacked into a versions/<name>-<timestamp> folder in the path you specified, symlinked to deploys/<name>, and then taco-mon restart will be run for you

You may pass any options for taco-mon start to this command

taco-mon start

Starts a process by name. Skips if the process is already started.


--start-with              prefix the start command with a string
--start-prefix            alias for --start-with
--on-error                execute <cmd> on error
--on-restart              execute <cmd> on restarts
--sleep                   sleep seconds before re-executing [1]
--attempts                retry attempts within 60 seconds [10]
--prefix                  add a log prefix
--logfile                 specify logfile [<name>.log]
--pidfile                 write program pid to file [<name>.pid]
--mon-pidfile             write mon pid to file [<name>]
--mon                     specify a custom mon executable to use


Pack up your app and move the tarball to your server somehow:

$ taco-pack . > myapp.tar.gz

on server:

$ cat myapp.tar.gz | taco-build "npm install --production" | taco-mon deploy .

taco-mon will deploy and start your process. You can then run taco-mon status to view your process status.