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Node.js MVC framework for seriously rapid application development.

Node.js MVC framework for seriously rapid application development.

Quickly get up and running with a node.js MVC app, using a simple view syntax and an ASP.NET MVC-style project layout. Tachi is all about ease of rapid development, with a simple mindset, easily expandable feature set, and a number of features to help increase web application speed.

Catch me on twitter ( for more info!

npm install tachi

Grab a copy of the twitter bootstrap template for Tachi (, or just use the following code:


module.exports = {
indexfunction () {
return this.Json({ message: 'Hi! Welcome to Tachi!'})


var TachiHandler = require('Tachi');
var routeData = {
routes: [
url: '/',
data: {
controller: 'DefaultController',
action: 'index'
defaultRoute: '/'
var settings = {
    port: 8080
var handler = new TachiHandler(settings, routeData);
  • Solid, understandable routing
  • Familiar MVC model (View(), RedirectToAction(), etc.)
  • Simple, fast templating engine
  • Minimal work required to quickly build complex web apps

Copyright (c) 2013 Ed J

Do what you want with the code; No warranty of any kind is given assuming its use.