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taboot Node.js API Wrapper

A stateless Node.js npm module for accessing the API. Uses HTTPS POST only, targeting API v2.0 and JSON format

Available through npm:


var Taboot = require('taboot');
var pnet = new Taboot(apikey).pnet


  • Retains the namespace
  • While the response is parsed into a JSON object, there is no additional API argument validation, garbage in garbage out
  • Optional custom callbacks to the api are supported where allowed
    • An optional Callback ('pnetcb' in Taboot) can be passed as a query argument to wrap the raw json response data before coming back from servers
  • Method signatures take an 'options' param followed by your node callback ('cb')


// pass your apikey as a param to the Taboot constructor, 'pnet' mirrors the api documentation
var Taboot = require('taboot');
var pnet = new Taboot(process.env['PNET_APIKEY']).pnet;
function authorize(username, pwd){
    // Create an options object with the api parameters, order is not specific - 
    var options = {
        username: 'PhirstPhishPhan2020',
        pwd: 'phirst_phish_phan_secret'    
    pnet.api.authorize(options, function(err, data) {
            console.log("Error " + err)


Mocha, Chai and Chai-Http

"scripts": {
    "test": "./node_modules/.bin/mocha --reporter spec"
npm test