Create D&D Characters


Rest API for table top gaming, character creation, dice rolls. Currently Supporting AD&D 2.0 Roll MethodsI-IV, plus many other useful calls. Including a new addition of proficiency JSON files.


app.get('/languages', common.languages);
app.get('/races', common.races);
app.get('/alignment', common.alignment);
app.get('/stats', common.stats);
app.get('/playerClasses', common.playerClasses);
app.get('/roll-hp/:pcClass', dice.hitpoints);

Providing simple REST API for Dice rolls.

Roll three six-sided dice (3d6); the total shown on the dice is your character’s Strength ability score. Repeat this for Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wis- dom, and Charisma, in that order. This method gives a range of scores from 3 to 18, with most results in the 9 to 12 range. Only a few characters have high scores (15 and above).


Roll 3d6 twice, noting the total of each roll. Use whichever result you prefer for your character‘s Strength score. Repeat this for Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. This al- lows you to pick the best score from each pair, generally ensuring that your character does not have any really low ability scores (but low ability scores are not all that bad anyway).


Roll for Hit Points. Options specific for class. Note appending max will automatically return the max HP value for the class in the call.



Max example: /roll-hp/max

Rolls method I then lets you know what classes are playable with the rolls. /player

Array of languages '/languages'

Array of Races '/races'

Alignment '/alignment' Stats '/stats', common.stats);

Player Classes '/playerClasses' '/roll-hp/:pcClass' Options: fighter | rouge | wizard : max Also running list of other that classes based on these 3main classes.

In the path ./json/proficiency/ are all the AD&D2.0 Proficies, organized by player class.