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    TableCheck Icons

    TableCheck Icons are an icon set and icon font based on 16px size, and compatible with Font Awesome version 5.x.

    TableCheck Icons are made with by Tablecheck, the leading restaurant reservation app maker. If you are a ninja-level Javascript/Ruby coder, designer, project manager, etc. and are eager to work in Tokyo, Japan in a dynamic environment, please get in touch at

    TableCheck Icons are the successor to Vesper Icons.


    TableCheck Icons are distributed in the following forms:

    • As raw SVGs taken directly from this repository or from the npm install.
    • As an icon font in OTF, TTF, WOFF, EOT, and SVG formats. Includes accompanying CSS and demo HTML file. Fonts are bundled in the npm install and via jsdelivr cdn;
    • As JS module exports via npm install --save tablecheck-icons

    Icon Font

    NOTE: any Font Awesome modifier classes may be used alongside the relevant class from the below image.

    <i class="tci-0-square"></i>

    Icon Font Image

    FontAwesome compatible JS Imports

    import { FontAwesomeIcon } from '@fortawesome/react-fontawesome';
    import { tci0Square } from 'tablecheck-icons/tci0Square';
    <FontAwesomeIcon icon={tci0Square} color="green" size="4x" />

    React JS Import Image

    Adding new Icons

    When adding new icons keep these steps in mind;

    • Add the new SVG file to the correct folder under ./svg/<Category>
    • You do not need to edit unicodeMap.json unless it needs a specific Unicode, this will be auto generated in the build step
    • Ensure the icon has a height of 512 and a maximum width of 512 (may be thinner)
    • Each SVG must have ONLY 1 path - multiple paths will be combined into one.
    • Use the non-zero method for creating hollowed out inserts (for example 1-square.svg), DO NOT use even-odd.
    • Run the conversion script to clean up the icon formats; npm run convert ./file/glob/**/*.svg
    • Run npm run build to generate the font files and js files
    • Run npm run build:images to generate the icon screenshots used in this readme, please doublecheck this image to make sure your icons were added successfully.

    FontAwesome Duotone Note

    Currently we do not support the creation of Duotone icons until FontAwesome completes it's implementation. Specifically their React Fontawesome implementation.


    TableCheck Icons are an original creation. However, some icons may resemble designs found elsewhere on the internets, including variations of icons in Font Awesome. If we've done something daft please raise an issue and we'll discuss in a civil manner.

    To Font Awesome: If you'd like to take icons from our set and add them to FontAwesome, we're all for it, please get in touch.



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