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tab64 experimental

Encode/decode typed arrays (e.g. Float32Array, Uint8Array) to and from base64 strings.




Takes a typed array of any format and returns a base64-encoded string.

tab64.decode(string[, type|output])

Given a base64-encoded string, populate a typed array with the original data's values.

type is a string dtype which should match the original data type you were using. It defaults to uint8, but if you want to encode other types you'll need to pass this in or you'll get mangled results. This example should work:

var data = new Float32Array([97, 98, 99])
var original = encode(data)
var copy = decode(data, 'float32') // [97, 98, 99] 

Alternatively, you can pass a second output array instead of a type to push data straight into that array.


MIT. See for details.