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T5 is a templating engine designed to be very different.

Typically you do this:

data + template => output

But this only works in one place and it doesn't work well when you want to dynamically change the template but not rewrite the DOM (spoiling any CSS effects etc).

T5 does this:

template => create-function + management-class

Those two outputs use the same data (if you want to play safe):

  • Create Function - This is what you typically use and it'll spit out HTML with your data added in.

    Note: This output will have t5-x classes and some comments and the odd <span class="t5-x"><!-- [t5] base64 --></span> and it's perfectly safe

  • Management Class - This will take in your DOM once rendered on-screen and allow you to dynamically change the data and update affected elements (kind of like VueJS, an inspiration for this project)

This means that if you do not use XML/HTML or the DOM, this is pretty useless and you shouldn't use it.

This will be used in WhatTheForms when this has reached a point where it is stable enough to do so.

More soon haha, this is currently very WIP

How to use

var t5 = require("t5");
tpl = t5.compile( "html string here" );
var buildFunction = tpl.build();
var manageClass = tpl.manageClass;

buildFunction is a function which takes two parameters ent and data. This is because the nodejs modules don't work too well with dynamically creating functions :(

manageClass is a string which will generate a class based on the name attribute (defaults to TPL), which can be initialised on the client like so:

var ins = new TPL( element, data );

This allows you to dynamically change stuff.

The result is a very limited T5Result class to ensure all of the ugly-ness is hidden away and only useful results are provided for you to use.


This requires gulp and running npm install, but the default gulp task builds everything required. BUT thanks to browserify, you need to use



You should have Mocha installed, but we use CoffeeScript, so run


If you can't use sh then use the command inside of it




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