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A NodeJS Motion detector, initially aimed for Raspberry Pi. The Motion Detectors detect changes in the Environment and the Notifiers receive the Motion Detectors' event changes.
Author: Tiago Cardoso NOTE: this code has only been tested in the following Linux OS:

  • Raspbian: works only for ARM7 processors, meaning old Rpis won't work
  • OSX: Tests and code runs / works where no real sensors are involved

  • STEP 1 : Create your config.js file:
profiles = {
  default: {
    Environment: {},
    PIRMotionDetector: {
      pin: 17
    MotionDetector: [{
      name: "MD 1"
      name: "MD 2"
    SlackNotifier: {
      name: "My Slack channel",
      key: "<MySlackURL>"
    HighPassFilter: [{
      val : 8,
      applyTo: "MD 1"
      val : 5,
      applyTo: "MD 2"

exports.profiles = profiles;
exports.default = profiles.default;
  • STEP 2 : Add your main file
let md = require('t-motion-detector');
let config = new md.Config(__dirname + '/config.js', false);

md.StartWithConfig(config, (e,d,n,f)=>{
  console.log(`Good to go! My environment is ${e}, detectors are ${d}, notifiers ${n} and filters ${f}`);

From version 0.3.3 onwards, it is possible to attach a Notifier based on node-raspistill, RaspistillNotifier, which means you can use your Raspberry pi camera to take pictures when movement is detected. Here's an example which takes a snapshot once the Raspberry pi detects movement via the PIRMotionDetector connected to pin 17 (requires a sensor like the Infrared motion sensor HC-SR501):

let md = require('t-motion-detector');

let env = new md.Entities.Environment();
initialMD = new md.Extensions.PIRMotionDetector(17); //Rpi listens on pin 17 for incoming signals from the PIR sensor
    environment: env,
    initialMotionDetector: initialMD

camNotifier = new md.Extensions.RaspistillNotifier();
md.AddNotifier(camNotifier); //Rpi will take a picture if the PIR sensor detects movement

Unit tests: t-motion-detector uses mocha unit tests to test the detector, notifier and environment classes. I'll be adding more on the go. to test use "npm test"