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SYZOJ's renderer for markdown, math and highlight.


let { markdown, highlight } = require('syzoj-renderer');

console.log(await markdown(text));
console.log(await highlight(code, language));


async markdown(text, [cache, filterFunction, options])

text is the Markdown text to be rendered.

cache is null or a object with two functions to manipulate a Key-Value store (key is hashed before passing to cache):

  • async get(string key)
  • async set(string key, string value)

filterFunction(html) is a function to filter rendered HTML. It can be used to prevent XSS attack. Should return filtered HTML.

options is a object, may contain:

  • markdownIt: Overrides default options in new MarkdownIt(options). (See markdown-it)
  • markdownItMath: Overrides default options in markdownIt.use(MathdownItMath, options). (See markdown-it-math-loose)
  • markdownItMergeCells: Set to false to disable markdown-it-merge-cells in markdown tables, which will merge adjacent cells with same content in tables
  • highlight: Same as highlight's options parameter, used when highlighting code in markdown.

Return rendered HTML. Won't throw.

async highlight(code, language[, cache, options])

Highlight some code with syntect.

code is the code to be highlighted. language is code's language.

cache is same as the parameter in markdown().

options is a object, may contain:

  • highlighter: Pass a function async function (code, language) to replace the defualt highlighter.
  • wrapper: An array [before, after]. Highlighted code's HTML will be wrapped by before and after. Defaults to ['<pre><code>', '</code></pre>'].

Return highlighted code in HTML. Won't throw.


  • Markdown backend is markdown-it.
    • GFM is supported.
    • By default, linkify and html are enabled, typographer and breaks are disabled.
  • By default, code highlight's backend is syntect.
    • A theme CSS is required to display highlighted code properly. See syntect-js's Usage. The default prefix is hl-.
  • Math backend is MathJax 3.
    • Maths with spaces within dollar sign like $ a+b $ will work.
    • Complex maths like $ \sum\limits_{i=0}^na_i $ won't be broken by Markdown.
    • To ensure each document's math rendering state isolated, \require is disabled.
    • Maths that failed to render would result in displaying error message.




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