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    Syntastic Checker for React JSX files

    This is a simple wrapper that:

    • Tries to compile as JSX
    • Checks if the JSX compiler throws errors, and sends them to Syntastic if so
    • Otherwise, passes JS to JSHint and outputs any errors found there

    This gives you the power of syntax checking in Vim, without the annoyance of "unexpected regular expression". Awesome.

    Syntastic working with JSHint issues Syntastic working with JSX issues


    npm install -g syntastic-react

    If you don't have jshint or react-tools, install those too:

    npm install -g jshint
    npm install -g react-tools

    Add these lines to your vimrc:

    let g:syntastic_javascript_checkers = ['jsxhint']
    let g:syntastic_javascript_jsxhint_exec = 'jsx-jshint-wrapper'

    And, of course, install Syntastic.

    More info

    This is a part of a blog post on setting up Vim for React development.

    Why? What about JSXHint?

    JSXHint is being sunsetted and doesn't handle React errors correctly. This code is a simple wrapper that brings the best of both worlds, though this one is designed specifically for use with syntastic, and thus will not run the same way as the previous JSXHint wrapper.

    About me

    I'm Jonathan, I work on random Vim plugins, web development, Node.js, Android, and whatever else I feel like. Follow me if you're curious, or just want to make my day!




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