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Making async code sync#

Such generators, much synchronous, so stacktraces, wow.

syncio makes your IO related code look synchronous by using generators and generator delegation from upcoming ES6 standard. And it makes your stack traces long and shiny!

To use syncio you need Node.js >= 0.11.10 running with --harmony flag. Version for browsers is coming soon

npm install syncio

Differences from other libraries##

Unlike other libraries the main idea of syncio is than you have to use it in one place, generally to start up the application, and then you just use generators and yield* a.k.a "yield from" a.k.a generator delegation to compose functions.

Because syncio encourages to use generator delegation it preserves relevant stack traces.


var sync = require('syncio');
// turning async node-style function into generator
var sleep = sync(function(time, resume){
  setTimeout(function(){resume(null, time)}, time);
// wraps and executes the generator
sync(function* (){
  var slept = yield* sleep(100);
  // should print 100

Now let's say, you have another function where you want to use sleep, this is how you do it with syncio

var echo = function* (value){
  yield* sleep(1000);
  // straightforward stack traces
  return value;
var greet = function* (name){
  return yield* echo('Hello, ' + name);
sync(function* (){
  var greeting = yield* greet('John Doe');
  // should print Hello, John Doe

syncio tries its best to keep generator call stack when asynchronous functions throw errors

// that what you'd get in the greeting example above if sleep function returns an error and you don't use syncio
Error: 1000
    at null._onTimeout (/home/qweqwe/sleep.js:43:32)
    at Timer.listOnTimeout (timers.js:124:15)

// and this is what you get when you use syncio
Error: 1000
    at null._onTimeout (/home/qweqwe/sleep.js:43:32)
    at Timer.listOnTimeout (timers.js:124:15)
from syncio generator (cleaned):
    at echo (/home/qweqwe/sleep.js:47:10)
    at greet (/home/qweqwe/sleep.js:54:17)
    at /home/qweqwe/sleep.js:58:25

Parallel execution##

syncio also supports parallel execution of generators

var sync = require('syncio');
// transform node-style function into a generator
var request = sync(require('request'));
function* status(url){
  var response = yield* request(url);
  return response[0].statusCode;
sync(function* (){
  var google = status('');
  var reddit = status('');
  var github = status('');
  var results = yield* sync.join([google, reddit, github]);




npm i syncio

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