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The package includes language pack for Syncfusion jQuery based widgets (Essential JavaScript 1) that are no longer being updated.


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About Syncfusion EJ Global

Syncfusion's Essential Studio for JavaScript with language packs for the localization of all EJ widgets.

Currently supported localization languages

Culture-Code Language
ar-AE Arabic - United Arab Emirates
cs-CZ Czech - Czech Republic
da-DK Danish - Denmark
de-DE German - Germany
en-US English - United States
es-ES Spanish - Spain
fa-IR Farsi - Iran
fi-FI Finnish - Finland
fr-FR French - France
he-IL Hebrew - Israel
hr-HR Croatian - Croatia
hu-HU Hungarian - Hungary
it-IT Italian - Italy
ja-JP Japanese - Japan
ko-KR Korean - Korea
ms-MY Malay - Malaysia
nb-NO Norwegian (Bokmål) - Norway
nl-NL Dutch - The Netherlands
pl-PL Polish - Poland
pt-PT Portuguese - Portugal
ro-RO Romanian - Romania
ru-RU Russian - Russia
sk-SK Slovak - Slovakia
sv-SE Swedish - Sweden
tr-TR Turkish - Turkey
vi-VN Vietnamese - Vietnam
zh-CN Chinese - China

Configuring Syncfusion Bower Packages

Refer the Syncfusion bower packages documentation in

Configuring Syncfusion NPM Packages

Refer the Syncfusion npm packages documentation in

Configuring Syncfusion JSPM Packages

Refer the Syncfusion jspm packages documentation in


In case of any questions regarding the use of Syncfusion EJ Global, please contact us by creating a support ticket.

Release Notes

Refer the Syncfusion JavaScript Product Release Notes in online Release Notes at Syncfusion.

License Information

For licensing information about Syncfusion JavaScript, Download the Syncfusion License Agreements from here.

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