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Ever notice how the description in your package.json file and your Github repo description don't quite match?

This module will help you fix that.


Install it as a CLI module:

npm install -g sync-package-description-cli


You will need one of these auth objects and you will need it available as a JSON-stringified object in the environment variable SYNC_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION_AUTH.

Go create a token and give it Full control of private repositories. (If you know a more restrictive permission that still works, please file an issue and let me know!)

It's probably going to be easiest to add it to your ~/.profile file:

export SYNC_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION_AUTH='{"type":"token","token":"<TOKEN VALUE>"}'

(Note the single quotes surrounding the JSON object.)


Make sure everything is configured correctly by passing it the test parameter:

sync-package-description test
# Success!

run it for a single module

Go into some module folder that you want to sync, and run the command:


If the operation is a success, there will be no output (the application will exit with a 0). Check your Github repo to see your updated description!

You can run it in verbose mode:

sync-package-description -v
# Updated Github description for 'your-module-name'.

run automatically

A good way to have this run automatically might be to add it to your ~/.profile script as part of a set of operations you should be running each time you npm publish.

Here is the section of my own ~/.profile script:

export SYNC_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION_AUTH='{"type":"token","token":"<TOKEN>"}'
# npm publishing hooks
alias pre-version='git diff --exit-code && npm prune && npm install -q && npm test'
# scroll to the end to see the command
alias post-version='(npm run build; exit 0) && git diff --exit-code && git push && git push --tags && npm publish && sync-package-description'
# use these to publish versions to npm
alias patch="pre-version && npm version patch && post-version"
alias feature="pre-version && npm version minor && post-version"
alias breaking="pre-version && npm version major && post-version"


Published and released under the VOL.