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sym-router is a lightweight, client-side routing library that allows you to create "single page" applications using Hashes or HTML5 pushState. It was originally forked from PathJS but has been completely rewritten.

npm install sym-router


  • Lightweight
  • Supports the HTML5 History API, the 'onhashchange' method, and graceful degredation
  • Supports root routes, rescue methods, paramaterized routes, optional route components (dynamic routes)
  • Well Tested (tests available in the ./tests directory)
  • Compatible with all major browsers (Tested on Firefox 25, Chrome 31, IE8, IE10)
  • Independant of all third party libraries, but plays nice with all of them

Using sym-router - A Brief Example

var router = require('sym-router');

function clearPanel() {
    // You can put some code in here to do fancy DOM transitions,
    // such as fade-out or slide-in.
}"/users").to(function() {
});"/comments").to(function() {
}).exit(clearPanel);"/post/:id").to(function(params) {
    alert("Post " + + "!");

// if there is no matching route
router.rescue(function(path) {
    alert("No route round for " + path);


Running Tests

Make sure all dependencies are installed first:

npm install

To run the tests, use npm test to test the routing and routes. For the actual browser history tests, build the JS files with: make and run python -m SimpleHTTPServer. Open the html files in Everything should go to green eventually.

If you're on Windows, just run the commands in the Makefile manually.