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swizec-bitly For node.js

The library for node.js provides methods to pass URL requests to


  • Shorten Url.
  • Expand single/multiple Urls
  • Expand single/multiple hashes
  • Expand mixed urls/hashes
  • Get Clicks for URLs
  • Get Info about URLs
  • Lookup URLs
  • Check for pro domain
  • Check for authenticated account


var Bitly = require('bitly').Bitly;
var bitly = new Bitly('<YOUR USERNAME>', '<YOUR API KEY>');

To see the methods available, see examples in the tests folder. All methods take a string or array list of urls or hashes and a callback to return the data

See for format of returned object


$ sed -i 's/<YOUR USERNAME>/XXX/' tests/*
$ sed -i 's/<YOUR API KEY>/XXX/' tests/*