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Swipe Right

Easy to use Tinder bot that can be used from the command line.


$ npm install --save swiperight

You need to get your fbId and fbToken.

fbToken: go here, copy the link before it changes, and paste it into a text editor. The fbToken will be the long string after #access_token in the URL.

fbId: go here and paste the Facebook URL of your profile to retrieve your numeric ID. This will be your fbId.


new Swiperight(fbId, fbToken)

This will return you a Tinder-authenticated Swiperight instance that you can use to like your recommendations.

// Initialize.
var Swiperight = require('swiperight');
var bot = new Swiperight(process.env.FB_ID, process.env.FB_TOKEN);


This will "like" n recommendations.

// Like 100 recommendations.

Running from command line

This will "like" 100 recommendations.

$ node --harmony ./run.js

Deploy to Heroku

  1. Clone this repo and deploy it to Heroku (or your hosting provider of choice, but for the remainder of this we'll use Heroku).
$ git clone git@github.com:lambtron/swiperight.git
$ cd swiperight
$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master
  1. Go into your Heroku and edit the environment variables FB_ID and FB_TOKEN:

Heroku app environmental variables

  1. From the command line, increase clock worker to 1:
heroku ps:scale clock=1
  1. Get matches!

How does it work?

At various points throughout the day, clock.js schedules tasks for bot, which retrieves recommendations, of which all of them are liked. The cronjob in clock.js is set to initiate varyStartTime() (which will randomize when bot.like() is called) everyday at 9:13am, 11:13am, 4:13pm, 8:13pm, 10:13pm.

The bot.like() function will authorize as the Tinder app, retrieve recommendations, and like them as your Facebook profile.

Make the bot more sophisticated

Using the tinderjs library, you can send messages, pass, get updates, update position, etc.

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