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Markdown filter and tag based on marked. As the name already states, this module combines swig and marked.

There is already a markdown filter/tag in the package swig-extras, however, that one uses markdown, and I wanted to have marked for it's support for tables and GFM.


    var markedSwig = require('swig-marked'),
        swig = require('swig');
    markedSwig.useFilter( swig );
    markedSwig.useTag( swig );
    swig.render( '{% marked %}# hello world{% endmarked %}' );
    // <h1 id="hello-word">hello world</h1> 
    swig.render('{{ words|marked }}', { locals: { words: '# hello word' } });
    // <h1 id="hello-world">hello world</h1> 
    // filter and tag are also exposed like so: 
    swig.setFilter( 'dingus', markedSwig.filter);
    swig.render('{{ words|dingus }}', { locals: { words: '# hello word' } });
    // <h1 id="hello-world">hello world</h1> 
    // provide configuration options to marked: 
    var configured = markedSwig.configure({
        gfm: false, // no more gfm :(