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    Swiff saves you time with common SSH tasks during the development of websites/apps

    🚀 Folder push and pull
    Keep folders in sync between servers

    💫 Database push and pull
    Manage the database between servers (auto backup)

    🎩 Composer file push and pull
    Move composer files between servers (auto backup)

    💻 Remote terminal connection
    Launch a SSH session directly into the remote site/app folder

    Getting started

    1. Install Swiff globally with npm:
      npm install --global swiff

    2. Run swiff within a project folder to start the task interface

    Run swiff --help for a list of flags to run a specific task

    Additional features

    • Custom SSH identity: Swiff will attempt to use your identity located at: /Users/[currentUser]/.ssh/id_rsa
      You can specify a custom SSH key path in your .env file with:
    • Gzipped backups: Your files and database get backed up and gzipped whenever they change
    • Disable specific tasks: Specify the tasks to disable with a config setting


    Swiff requires MySQL to use the database features. We recommend using MariaDB, an enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL. brew install mariadb@10.2 (latest as of April 2019)

    For the Database & Composer tasks, a PEM format SSH key is required
    Read about how to create and add a new SSH key

    Running Windows or Linux? Swiff has been tested on macOS so issues are likely on other operating systems


    • Node.js - A JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine
    • Ink 2 - React for interactive command-line apps
    • Babel - JavaScript transpiling
    • Prettier - Code cleaning


    Sounds by Emoji Sounds
    Created by @benrogerson and Sam Stevens

    Swiff has been agency battletested by Simple who specialise in Craft CMS websites


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