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Browserify transform for using Sweet.js macros.

Installation and usage

Install via npm:

% npm install sweetify

and then use with browserify:

% browserify -t sweetify ./mycode.sjs

Sweeten transform kicks in only for files with .sjs extension.

Importing macros

You can use a restricted form of ES6 module import statement to import macros in current module's scope:

import macros from './my-macros.sjs'
import macros from 'some-pkg'

// use everything exported from ./my-macros.sjs or some-pkg node module


As an example, you can see how you can re-use macros already present on npm:

% npm install sparkler

Then create a source file called sparkler-example.sjs:

import macros from 'sparkler/macros';

function myPatterns {
  case 42 => 'The meaning of life'
  case a @ String => 'Hello ' + a
  case [...front, back] => back.concat(front)
  case { foo: 'bar', x, 'y' } => x
  case Email{ user, domain: '' } => user
  case (a, b, => rest
  case [...{ x, y }] =>, y)
  case x @ Number if x > 10 => x

This example uses excellent sparkler macros library which implements pattern matching for JavaScript. Just run

% browserify -t sweetify ./sparkler-example.sjs

to produce a JavaScript which you can run in a browser or any other runtime (all pattern matching constructs are compiler into plain JS constructs).