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Sweeten docco output with syntax-highlighted JSDoc & Codo tags.

Check out the coffeescript for the above sample, also used by our test suite.


  • Detects JSDoc & Codo tag names (plus a bonus 'api' tag).
  • Supports JSDoc & Codo param styles (@param {Type} name desc or @param [Type] name desc).
  • Lists param names before types in output for convenience (but allows either style in the source).
  • Automatically adds linebreaks between tag statements (no need to append spaces for Markdown!).
  • Tested on Linux and Mac OS X.

Try Sweeten-Docco if you...

  1. Like docco's style of Literate Programming.
  2. Like doc-tags for specifying details (param types, return values, api status, etc).
  3. Want to combine these documentation styles!


Just add sweeten-docco to your project. With curl:

  $ mkdir bin
  $ curl -L > bin/sweeten-docco
  $ chmod a+x bin/sweeten-docco

Or npm:

  $ npm install sweeten-docco

Npm is recommended for easy updates with npm update sweeten-docco.
A global install is also possible with npm install -g sweeten-docco, for convenient command-line use.


1. Generate docco as you usually do, eg:

  $ docco src/*.coffee
  docco: src/ -> docs/file.html

2. Run sweeten-docco from your project directory:

  $ ./node_modules/.bin/sweeten-docco
  Sweetening docco... Done.