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sweetCaptcha Javascript SDK

What's this?

sweetCaptcha is a free captcha service putting the users and your website at first priority. This is a new and fresh graphical captcha focused on enhanced user experience, so instead of using difficult and boring text, SweetCaptcha offers a


See a live demo here


  1. Sign up your website at and get your credentials
  2. NPM install the SDK using npm install --save sweetcaptcha
  3. Init and include the SDK in your code var sweetcaptcha = new require('sweetcaptcha')(app_id, app_key, app_secret)
  4. Follow the example and enjoy your sweetCaptcha

Public methods

  1. sweetcaptcha.api('get_html', function(err, html){ ... })
  2. sweetcaptcha.api('check', {sckey: formSckey, scvalue: formScvalue}, function(err, valid) { ... })
  3. sweetcaptcha.api('test', function(err, response) { ... })


make test

Support and Contact

Visit our website for more information

Updated November 5, 2013