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    Sweet Electron

    Easy, minimalist framework for Electron applications.

    const electron = require('electron');
    const sweet = require('sweet-electron')(electron);
    sweet().url(__dirname, 'index.html').run();

    Install sweet-electron: yarn add sweet-electron.
    Copy/paste this code. Run it using electron, such as: $ electron script.js.




    sweet-electron requires electron to be passed as an argument when importing it. That makes it more like a wrapper. sweet() returns an instance of SweetElectron.



    • url(String|Array[string]|Function): wrapper around loadURL
      • if String: will use it as a path directly
      • if Array[String]: will call path.join on all the arguments
      • if Function: should return a String or an Array[String]. An instance of electron-is is passed as an argument which means that you can write something like: .url((is) => is.dev() ? 'index_dev.html' : 'index.html')
    • menu(electron.Menu|Array[Object]|Function)
      • if electron.Menu: will use it directly
      • if Array[Object]: wrapper around electron.Menu.buildFromTemplate
      • if Function: will call it with an electron-is instance, the main window instance and a reference on electron.app. Should return an Array[Object] as it will be passed to electron.Menu.buildFromTemplate
    • window(Object|Function): additional options to be passed during the main window creation
      • if Function: should return an Object. Will be passed an electron-is instance as its first parameter
    • ready(Function): function called after Electron's ready event is fired. Requires a function, which will get electron-is and mainWindow parameters.
    • rendererEvents(Object{channel:callback}): will loop over each channel and register its associated callback. Each callback will get a reference to the current main window as its last parameter (e.g (event, payload, mainWindow) => { ... }). Wrapper around ipcMain. Should be combined using ipcRenderer on client-side
    • shortcuts(Object{command:callback}|Function):
      • if Object: based on globalShortcut.register
      • if Function: will get a reference on the main window as its first parameter. Should return an Object
    • on(String, Function): can listen to all of the available events on electron.app. The last argument is a reference to the current main window (e.g mainWindow => { ... }).
    • run()

    Advanced Example

    const electron = require('electron');
    const sweet = require('sweet-electron')(electron);
     * All the code has been folded inside `sweet-electron` methods for the sake of
     * the example.
     * For bigger applications, you can surely split your code into different files
     * which will help you to keep an easy-to-maintain project.
      .url((is) => [__dirname, is.dev() ? 'index_dev.html' : 'index.html'])
      .window({ height: 800, transparent: true })
      .menu((app) => [{ label: app.getName() }, { type: 'separator' }, { role: 'quit' }])
        setOpacity: (event, opacity, mainWindow) => mainWindow.setOpacity(opacity),


    npm i sweet-electron

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