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A command line interface for editing files from your box, on your local machine.

The perfect partner if you're developing ScraperWiki tools, and want to use your normal text editor like TextMate or Sublime Text.

Supports two alternative workflows:

  1. Copying the remote box files to your local machine, then pushing changes.
  2. Mounting the remote box as a local filesystem, using SSHFS.


swbox clone fegy5tq – Makes a local copy of

swbox clone g6ut126@free - Makes a local copy of

swbox mount fegy5tq - Mounts as a local filesystem

How to use

  1. Use npm to globally install swbox (nvm is really useful and gets your npm for free, so if you're new to Node, try that first):

    npm install -g swbox

    (If you'd prefer not to use npm, you can always git clone this repo and run ./prepublish yourself to get an executable cli.js script which you can add to your $PATH)

  2. Read the documentation by running swbox help


Mounting boxes as local drives requires Fuse and SSHFS. Both are available on the Fuse for OS X homepage.

The swbox command line client requires Node.js.

Developing swbox

If you are developing swbox we recommend that you run the following from the directory containing your git clone:

npm link

This will put the command swbox in the usual location where npm installs binaries (which should already be on your PATH), and symlink it so that whenever you change this directory, those changes are live.

You still need to compile the CoffeeScript to JavaScript before testing a change to swbox, do that with:


If you want to use this local in-development version of swbox with a box, then go to the box's directory and use:

npm link swbox

Now swbox = require 'swbox' will automatically get your local in-development version of swbox.


0.0.11 – pandora's box

  • Swbox is now published to npm. swbox update is no longer required and has been removed.

0.0.10 – lunch box

  • swbox test runs .coffee or .js tests in /tool/test directory, using Mocha.

0.0.9 – set-top box

  • Rsync reports of "Permanently added [url] to the list of known hosts" no longer fool swbox into thinking the push/clone operation failed.
  • Mentions of "" changed to ""

0.0.8 – post box

  • swbox push --preview will show a preview of what would be created/updated/deleted, without changing anything on the remote box.

0.0.7 – heart shaped box

  • <boxName> can now include an optional @boxServer suffix, allowing you to clone and mount boxes on and (eg: via swbox clone abcd123@free or swbox mount wxyz789@ds)

0.0.6 – junction box

  • swbox sync renamed to swbox push since it doesn't actually sync, it removes any files on the destination that aren't present on the local copy.
  • fixed a bug that caused swbox sync/push to loop forever when invoked outside of a local box clone
  • swbox clone no longer takes an optional destination directory – it will always create a clone, in new directory named after the box, in the current working directory
  • removed /swbox symbolic link in root directory – it's no longer needed
  • standardised display of required and optional arguments in help messages

0.0.5 – hotbox

  • swbox sync command to synchronise local changes inside a clone, back up to the original box

0.0.4 – chocolate box

  • swbox clone command to clone an entire box's contents to your local filesystem

0.0.3 – cereal box

  • added -oworkaround=rename to sshfs options, to allow rsync and git to rename/update files

0.0.2 – cardboard box

  • swbox update command to download the latest version of swbox

0.0.1 – Initial release

  • mounting and unmounting boxes as sshfs drives
  • license, help and docs