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    Let your viewers become your unlimitedly scalable CDN.

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    WebRTC has been supported by iOS and Safari since 2017, but MEDIA SOURCE EXTENSIONS still cannot be used. These extensions are indispensable for integrating the P2P client of browser-based eCDN solutions.
    Without the MEDIA SOURCE EXTENSIONS, it appears that no user data can be intercepted at the XHR object or the fetch API, and creating a cluster for peer-to-peer streaming is almost impossible. Luckily there is another way to intercept HTTP traffic while streaming on an iOS device. Even if iOS restricts the possibilities to make adjustments in the browser’s background to make it perfectly cooperating with your own coding and software, there is a way iOS allows developers to insert some web applications inside of Safari. This standard is called “ServiceWorker”.
    This SDK creates a communal, distributed CDN with the latest HTML5 APIs — WebRTC to connect browsers, ServiceWorker to fulfill requests. As you might expect, it supports all modern browsers and all web players.

    Browser Support

    WebRTC has already been incorporated into the HTML5 standard and it is broadly deployed in modern browsers. The compatibility of SwarmCloud depends on the browser support of WebRTC and Service Worker.

    Compatibility Chrome Firefox macOS Safari Opera Edge iOS Safari IE
    WebRTC Datachannel
    Service Worker


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