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    Command line tool and utility for cleaning up (not only) swagger.json files. Used for better comparison and diff of your swagger.


    Because reading diff of swagger.json files is often very hard. It can be even harder if swagger.json is auto-generated. It's JSON structure ordering can vary, example part can contain a lot-of stuff that makes diff even harder to read.

    swagger-cleaner is here to help. It cleans your swagger.json so diff is easier to read.


    Running on-demand

    Using npx you can run the script without installing it:

    npx swagger-cleaner <url> --save-raw raw-file.json > clean-file.json

    this will download swagger.json from <url>, saves it into raw-file.json and saves cleaned version into clean-file.json.

    Other options

    For all command line options run:

    npx swagger-cleaner

    How it works

    Assume script is started as:

    swagger-cleaner --save-raw raw-file.json > clean-file.json
    1. Script will fetch json file from address
    2. It saves raw json file into raw-file.json (can be omited)
    3. Cleans JSON, so that output is deterministic - a.k.a. always sorted the same way. (We use json-stable-stringify lib for this)
    4. Removes every example part from JSON file (this can be disabled with --keep-examples option)
    5. Saves output into clean-file.json file

    How author use it

    As frontend developers with several projects, we (our team) keep all swagger.json files, of all backend services we use, in our frontend projects repositories. As backend services are our dependencies, we need to be sure, that we know about any change on backend. That's why we regularly check diffs of swagger.json files. And to be sure, diffs are as-human-readable-as-possible we use swagger-cleaner.

    By using --keep-examples option, you can clean-up any JSON file.


    npm i swagger-cleaner

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