Allow modules to be installed from svn repos


Allow node modules to be installed from svn repos

###WARNING### Installing this module will make changes to your project's package.json file.

Installing this module via npm install will add an install hook to your project's package.json. Once this hook is added anytime your run npm install for your project svn-npm-crutch looks through your package.json file for an svnDependencies block where you can list your subversion stored node modules.

Install with npm install svn-npm-crutch

"dependencies": {
    "svn-npm-crutch": "git://"

After installing svn-npm-crutch you may use list dependencies from subversion repositories in your package.json under a "svnDependencies" key. e.g.

"svnDependencies": {
    "svn-module": "svn://path/to/svn/repo/trunk"

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

  • Tests... yep
  • Be less invasive? Right now this rewrites your entire package.json after adding it's install hook using JSON.stringify... This isn't horrible but clobbers things like white space.

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