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    An SVGO plugin to add viewBox attribute based on width and height attributes

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    This plugin adds the viewBox attribute to your SVGs based on the width and height attributes. The difference between this plugin and the built-in removeDimensions plugin is that svgo-add-viewbox does not remove the width and height of your SVGs.

    In order to use this plugin correctly, you SVGs should have their width and height attributes specified.


    This plugin should be used with SVGO v2 and above.

    1. Create a svgo.config.js file following the official configuration guide
    2. Use the option to specify a custom plugin.
    3. Install this module from NPM
      npm install svgo-add-viewbox --save-dev
      # or
      yarn add svgo-add-viewbox -D
    4. require the module which you just created in your svgo.config.js file:
      const addViewBox = require('svgo-add-viewbox');
    5. In the plugins array in your svgo.config.js file add the following:
      plugins: [
      	// ... more plugins
      		fn: addViewBox.fn,
      		name: 'addViewBox',
      		type: addViewBox.type,
      		description: addViewBox.description
      	// ... more plugins
    6. Execute your SVG transformation NPM script.

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