Extract SVG icons from an SVG font


svgfont2svgicons is a simple tool to explode a SVG font into multiple icons.

NodeJS module:

var svgfont2svgicons = require('svgfont2svgicons');
var fs = require('fs');
var iconProvider = svgfont2svgicons(options);
var fontStream = fs.createReadStream('myFont.svg');
// Piping the font 
// Saving the SVG files 
iconProvider.on('readable', function() {
  var icon;
  do {
    icon =;
    if(icon) {
      console.log('New icon:',, icon.codepoint); + '.svg'));
  } while(null !== icon);
}).once('end',function() {
  console.log('No more icons !')

CLI (install the module globally):

svgicons2svgfont font/src/file.svg icons/dest/directory

Currently no options, feel free to suggest some in the issues.

Feel free to pull your code if you agree with publishing under the MIT license.