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SVG util

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The helper utils(filter, clip etc...) for Programming SVG.


  • SvgDefs Class: to manage all reused elements in defs of an invisibale SVG.
  • SvgDef Abstract Class: The reused element abstract class.
    • LinearGradient Class: the reused linear gradient to fill.
      • stops(IGradientColor): defines the ramp of colors to use on a gradient
        • offset: defined the offset of a given gradient stop. 0.0-1.0 or 0%-100%
        • stop-color: The color attribute indicates what color to use at that gradient stop.
        • stop-opacity: defines the opacity of a given gradient stop.
    • GlossGlassFilter Class: the gloss glass filter.
      • color(string): defaults to #bbbbbb
      • specular(number): defaults to 12
    • GrayscaleFilter Class: the reused grayscale filter.
    • LighterFilter Class: the reused lighter filter(in feComposite).
    • BrightnessFilter Class: adjust brightness filter.
      • slope(number): >1 improve brightness; <1 reduce brightness: color*slope
    • DropshadowFilter Class: the reused drop shadow filter. NOTE: You should wrapper it to a group if you wanna apply multi-filters on one svg element.
      • id(string): optional to reuse the dropshadow filter.
        • note: the same id will share the same dropshadow filter.
      • dx(number), dy(number): the offset of the drop shadow.
    • RoundedRectClip Class: the reused rounded rect clip.
      • id(string): optional to reuse the rounded rect clip.
      • width(number), height(number): the 0-1 float number for width/height aspect ratio.
        • the aspect ratio keep 6 decimal places.
      • rx(number): the 0-1 float number to rounded corner radius for x.
      • ry(number): optional, the 0-1 float number to rounded corner radius for y(ry = rx if no settings).
      • note: the same id and the same width/height ratio will share the same rounded rect clip.
    • PathClip Class: the reused path clip.
      • id(string): optional to reuse the path clip.
      • path(string): defines a path to be drawn. see d attribute
        • note: the clipPathUnits is 'objectBoundingBox'.


  • domjson: used to convert the svg dom to json and reverse.
  • svg-path: convert svg shape to the path string.


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