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An ultimate svg icons collection DONE RIGHT, with over 10,000 SVG icons out of the box.



You can download as many SVG icons as you need in homepage, or download the whole collection via npm:

npm install svg-icon --save

custom element


    ├── svg-icon-element.js
    └── svg-icon-element.css


<svg-icon url="" type="si-logos-javascript"></svg-icon>


use it locally

# clone the project 
git clone
# install dependencies 
cd svg-icon
npm i
# startup a local server 

SVG icon collections

name id prefix source supported
ant-design ant- yes
bootstrap bootstrap- yes
devicons dev- yes
elusive-iconfont elusive- yes
entypo entypo- yes
evil-icons evil- yes
flag-icon flag- yes
flat-ui flat- yes
font-awesome awesome- yes
foundation foundation- yes
game-icons game- yes
geomicons-open geom- yes
icomoon-free icomoon- yes
ioncons ionic- yes
maki maki- yes
map-icons map- yes
material-design material- yes
metro-ui-css metro- yes
mfglabs-iconset mfglabs- yes
octicons oct- yes
open-iconic open- yes
payment-font payment- yes
payment-webfont payment-web- yes
semantic-ui (oct-/awesome-) yes
simple-icons simple- yes
subway subway- yes
typicons typcn- yes
weather-icons weather- yes
windows-icons windows- yes
zero zero- src/zero yes
zocial zocial- yes
logos(svg porn) logos- yes

Need more? Please leave an issue or a pull request.

Build your own collection

1. Install svg-icon via npm:

npm install svg-icon -g

2. Define a collection file (JSON format, demo)

3. Build it:

svg-icon build --source $path/to/icons.json --target $path/to/dest --name wow

Now you have a SVG sprite file and a demo page.

    ├── index.html
    └── svg-symbols.svg


How did you collect all these SVG icons?

There are basically two kinds of icon collections, ones with SVG source files, and others with only icon fonts.

  • Those with SVG source files: I simply copy the icons to the dest folder, optimise them, trim the pads around every icon, and build an SVG sprite file from them.
  • Those with icon fonts: I need to separate every icon from a combined SVG font file(locating, transforming, etc.), optimise them, trim them, and build an SVG sprite.

So the data flow is like:

Sources(SVG icons/icon fonts) ---separating/copying---> SVG icons ---optimising---> mid products(dist/svg/*) ---trimming---> final products(dist/trimmed-svg/*) ---building---> SVG sprite

Is the contributing toolchain ready for me?

Yes, and no.

The collection of 10,000+ SVG icons is mostly collected by nodejs scripts(check out these folders for details bin/, gulp and lib ). But I still have to write some code when I want to add icons from a new vendor into this project, because of the uncertainty of icon collections.

If you are familiar with nodejs and SVG, and interested in making this collection more useful, please leave a PR. Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Of course, the quickest way to add your favorite icons here is to leave an issue, and let me do the rest for you ;-).


Projects inspired svg-icon

Projects powered svg-icon

  • svgo: transforming and optimizing SVG icons would be impossible without this awesome project.
  • vinyl-fs: gulp and vinyl-fs helped me to process large amount of files without any pain.
  • phantomjs: it is the answer of lots of problems.
  • a lot more

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