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    Mask input with simple API and rich customization.

    If you need to create an input for:

    • credit card
    • phone number
    • date
    • birthday
    • numbers
    • Or other custom mask

    This project could help you in all this situations!

    Take a look at our demos:

    How to use it:

    Install it:

    npm install --save svelte-input-mask

    or if you're using yarn:

    yarn add svelte-input-mask

    Import MaskInput component:

    import MaskInput from "svelte-input-mask/MaskInput.svelte";

    Use it (for example for CreditCard):

    <MaskInput alwaysShowMask maskChar="_" mask="0000-000000-00000" />

    Add event listeners:

      import MaskInput from 'svelte-input-mask/MaskInput.svelte';
      let mask = '0000-0000-0000-0000';
      const handleChange = ({ detail }) => {
        console.log(detail.inputState.maskedValue); // stores the value of input
        if (detail.inputState.maskedValue.indexOf('34') === 0 || detail.inputState.maskedValue.indexOf('37') === 0) {
          mask = '0000-000000-00000';
        mask = '0000-0000-0000-0000';
    <MaskInput alwaysShowMask maskChar="_" {mask} on:change={handleChange} />

    Congrats! You made the first masked input :)

    Checkout more usecases here:

    Where to use?

    Credit cards:

    <MaskInput alwaysShowMask maskChar="_" mask="0000-000000-00000" />

    Phones (you still can change prefixes, country code like in credit card example):

      mask="+1 (000) 000 - 0000"


      import MaskInput from 'svelte-input-mask/MaskInput.svelte';
      let maskString = 'DD.MM.YYYY';
      let mask = '00.00.0000';
      const handleChange = ({ detail }) => {
        const value = detail.inputState.maskedValue;
        if (parseInt(value[6], 10) > 2) {
          maskString = 'DD.MM.YY';
          mask = '00.00.00';
        } else {
          maskString = 'DD.MM.YYYY';
          mask = '00.00.0000';
    <MaskInput alwaysShowMask {maskString} {mask} on:change={handleChange}/>


      import NumberInput from 'svelte-input-mask/NumberInput.svelte';
    <NumberInput />

    Which props it has?

    Mask input has next props:

    Prop Default value Description
    value - The value of the input. Will be processed to masked one. In this case you can control the value of the component
    defaultValue - The default value of the input. Will be applied only during the first render
    maskString - The mask string to show if there are no filled chars. It's length should be the same as mask. Example: 'DD.MM.YYYY'
    maskChar '' In case you don't need a custom string you can define only a definite char for mask. Example: maskChar = '_' and mask = '0000-0000-0000-0000' will give: ____-____-____-____
    mask - The mask of the input. Could be a credit card: '0000-0000-0000-0000', date: 00.00.0000 or whatever you want :) Doesn't work if reformat prop is setted
    maskFormat regexp The regexp for custom formatting. You may use it if you want to define a specific mask. See example here:
    alwaysShowMask false Flag to show the mask
    showMask false Show mask if there is any data in input
    reformat - The function, which defines a custom formatting rules. In case if you can't describe the format only with mask (e.g. numbers). If you use this prop mask prop will be ignored

    Svelte mask input pass all props that it doesn't handle right to input html element.

    Quick start examples at local machine

    git clone
    cd svelte-input-mask/example
    yarn install
    yarn dev


    Svelte should be installed in your project. Check the minimal Svelte version here:


    npm i svelte-input-mask

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