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    Supports a function to retrieve batched ISIR corrections from the StudentVerification API.

    Environment Requirements:

    • Internet access (port 80 and SSL over port 5443).
    • Node.js installed.


    Execute the following from a command prompt:

    	npm install -g sv-isir-corrections

    ======= Clone or download as zip to local machine. For the later, unzip to desired location. In a command prompt at the root installation directory, execute the following command to install all module dependencies:

    	>npm install


    All configuration is contained within the config.json file.

    Logging: The module is configured to log to a logs folder within the root directory of the application. Standard log entries will be written to a file named alfilesystemwatcher.log while unhandled exceptions will be logged to a file named alfilesystemwatchererrors.log.

      "logging" : { "directory" : "./logs" }

    Authorization: The upload process requires an authorization token from a secure token service(STS).

      "oauthWrapRequest" : { "url":"sts_url", "creds":{"uid":"userid", "pwd":"password"}, "wrapScope":"scope" }

    The following values must be provided in order to invoke the STS and acquire an authorization token:

    JSON Element Description
    url The STS URL
    creds.userid User Id
    creds.pwd User password
    wrapScope The resource that will be accessed using the authorization token.

    StudentVerification API: Defines the root URL of the StudentVerification API.

      "svApi" : { "rootUrl" : "root_url" }

    Running sv-isir-corrections:

    Execute manually by opening a command prompt:

    	sv-isir-corrections --startDate=[YYYY-MM-DD] --endDate=[YYYY-MM-DD] outputDir=[path]
    	sv-isir-corrections --startDate=2015-09-21 --endDate=2015-09-22 outputDir=c:\temp\isirs

    The command accepts two date parameters. The second parameter cannot be less than the first parameter. All correction files that were batched during this time period will be returned. The dates are inclusive.


    npm i sv-isir-corrections

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