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SUSHIBOX Installer (αlpha)

Node Global Dependency Install Wizard

SUSHIBOX Installer is a global npm depedency install wizard. When you distribute a framework, library or project that requires global depedencies to be installed via npm, there are several ways you can go about it. SUSHIBOX Installer provides a simple way for end-users to grab the required and optional packages via a cli installation wizard.



  • Cross platform (Windows, Linux, OSX)
  • Installs global packages via a CLI install wizard
  • Specify versions of packages to install
  • Verify packages before distributing
  • Very simple to use
  • Mark packages as optional
  • Gives a end-users clear choice over packages to install


npm install sushibox -g

Usage (For End-Users)

After installing, sushibox-installer, simply run sudo sushibox in the directory containing a sushibox.json file. The on-screen wizard will guide you through installing each package.

Note: SUSHIBOX Installer will install packages globally for you, if you are running this application on Linux or OSX, you will need to have root permissions. SUSHIBOX Installer does not modify your system in any way except to install the packages you approve.

Usage (For Package Distributors)

To create an installer, you do not need to install sushibox. However, SUSHIBOX Installer include a "verify" tool which we strongly suggest using before you distribute your project.

Example sushibox.json

    "dependencies": [
        "package": "grunt-cli",
        "version": "latest",
        "required": true
        "package": "bower",
        "version": "1.3.12",
        "required": false

Verifying Packages

Running sushibox verify will check the npm registry for your included packages. The on screen output will indicate which packages pass and fail. As a courtosy, the verify tool will also lint your json file if you provide the sushibox verify -l or sushibox verify --lint option.