color scheme stylus middleware


A colorscheming middleware for stylus

Susebron will read a file or accept an object of a format defined below in order to supply some variables and prepend some settings when compiling your stylus styles. This is useful if you have a gread clump of stylus for styling your site that uses variables to define the colours

var susebron = require('susebron');
var myStylus = "body { background-color: dark_col }";
var style = {
  defs: {
    light_col: "#FFF",
    dark_col: "#000"
npm install susebron

You can pass susebron an object or a string pointing to a JSON file. The object can have the following keys:

  • light (optional): if set to true, it will inverse the lighten and darken stylus functions.
  • prepend (optional): a string of stylus to render before rendering the rest.
  • defs (required): an object with a set of variable definitions. this is where you should define your colours.