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A colorscheming middleware for stylus


Susebron will read a file or accept an object of a format defined below in order to supply some variables and prepend some settings when compiling your stylus styles. This is useful if you have a gread clump of stylus for styling your site that uses variables to define the colours


var susebron = require('susebron');
var stylus = require('stylus');
var myStylus = "body { background-color: dark_col }";
var style = {
  defs: {
    light_col: "#FFF",
    dark_col: "#000"
var css = stylus(myStylus).use(susebron(style)).render()


npm install susebron

style format

You can pass susebron an object or a string pointing to a JSON file. The object can have the following keys:

  • light (optional): if set to true, it will inverse the lighten and darken stylus functions.
  • prepend (optional): a string of stylus to render before rendering the rest.
  • defs (required): an object with a set of variable definitions. this is where you should define your colours.


Susebron doesn't parse any stylus, so you can't use stylus expressions in your defs. This module was primarily intended as a place to define colourschemes, in a way that isn't tightly coupled to stylus (because if we do that, then there's not point in not just prepending a .styl file). So sadly, you can't do something like "nav-color": "darken(header-color, 25%)", as nice as that would be.

running tests

Clone the module, run npm install then mocha -R spec to run tests.