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superserialize is an advanced serialization system, which allows you to serialize JavaScript objects, including their functions, into a JSON-compatible data structure. the JSON can then be sent across a socket, HTTP, or whatever you wish. Once the JSON has been sent to the destination, superserialize can then deserialize it back into a JavaScript object, complete with working functions.


npm install superserialize

You can use superserialize in browser JavaScript with the browserify module

Usage Example

var serialize = require('superserialize').serialize,
    deseralize = require('superserialize').deserialize;
var TestObject = {
    sayHello: function(name) {
        console.log(name + ": Hi there!");
var serialized = serialize(TestObject);
console.log(serialized); // This will output a JSON-compatible object 
var deserialized = deserialize(serialized);
deserialize.sayHello("Bob"); // This will output "Bob: Hi there!" as expected! 


superserialize was created by Jesse Dunlap, and is licensed under the MIT license.