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An advanced serialization and deserialization system, which allows you to encode functions inside of JSON, then deserialize them back into working objects.


superserialize is an advanced serialization system, which allows you to serialize JavaScript objects, including their functions, into a JSON-compatible data structure. the JSON can then be sent across a socket, HTTP, or whatever you wish. Once the JSON has been sent to the destination, superserialize can then deserialize it back into a JavaScript object, complete with working functions.


npm install superserialize

You can use superserialize in browser JavaScript with the browserify module

Usage Example

var serialize = require('superserialize').serialize,
    deseralize = require('superserialize').deserialize;
var TestObject = {
    sayHello: function(name) {
        console.log(name + ": Hi there!");
var serialized = serialize(TestObject);
console.log(serialized); // This will output a JSON-compatible object 
var deserialized = deserialize(serialized);
deserialize.sayHello("Bob"); // This will output "Bob: Hi there!" as expected! 


superserialize was created by Jesse Dunlap, and is licensed under the MIT license.