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    Cross-browser ellipsis/truncation on multi-line texts. Optimized for performance, and supports tags inside clamped elements.

    It is similar to -webkit-line-clamp, but behaves more consistently and will respect your container dimensions without requiring a line count that you may not always know.

    No dependencies. Comes with a jQuery function for ease of use in jQuery projects.

    Supports all real browsers and IE11+. We are using this in real-world projects.


    Grab superclamp.js or superclamp.min.js from the dist directory and put it into your project.

    For NPM projects, add superclamp to your package.json and import Superclamp from 'superclamp' when needed.


    You want to truncate text to fit inside an element, so define your width/height restrictions on the element, e.g. via CSS. Superclamp will respect an element's padding.

    1. Clamp them when the DOM is ready by calling Superclamp.register with a NodeList.

    2. Re-clamp when necessary (e.g. on resize)

      window.addEventListener('resize', Superclamp.reclampAll);

    You may also re-clamp by triggering a custom event superclamp:update anywhere inside document.


    You don't need to do any clean-up yourself when removing DOM nodes.

    All relevant data is stored on the DOM nodes themselves. They will remove any superclamp-related data with them.

    jQuery bindings

    If your project uses jQuery, Superclamp will automatically provide a clamp() function to use on jQuery collections, like so:



    I am a Ruby developer, so here is my stack:

    1. bundle inside the project directory.
    2. Run guard to watch the CoffeeScript source for changes and compile to JavaScript.
    3. Open test/index.html in a browser. You may want to run ruby -run -ehttpd . -p8000 as a tiny web server.

    The ugly parts

    We optimized heavily for performance, so code may not be as straight-forward as for a simpler solution. Here are a few things we are doing which increase complexity:

    • Best fit is detected via binary search.
    • We avoid layout thrashing by processing layout-modifying and layout-querying tasks en bloc.
    • Some smart logic to (re-)clamp only when necessary (because it's still expensive).


    • Testing is currently done by opening test/index.html as a human. Sorry for that.

    TO DO

    • Maybe support containers of flexible height (e.g. flexbox children) instead of requiring max-height or height.
    • Get rid of CoffeeScript source.
    • Get rid of Ruby/Guard build stack.
    • Have tests.

    Known issues

    • While inline nodes work nicely, block nodes (<p>, <div>, ...) inside the clamped element will cause the ellipsis to be put underneath them. We could/should try putting the ellipsis inside.


    Arne Hartherz from makandra.


    npm i superclamp

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