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Adds jsonp behaviour to superagent.

To use with browserify

First install with npm

npm i superagent-jsonp --save

Then use like so;

const superagent = require('superagent');
const jsonp = require('superagent-jsonp');
superagent.get('').use(jsonp).end(function(err, res){
  // everything is as normal

To use with bower

First install:

bower i superagent-jsonp --save

Include it from your bower components in the usual way

Then use pretty much as you do above

superagent.get('').use(superagentJSONP).end(function(err, res){
  // everything is as normal

Available options for the jsonp function

  • callbackParam: The name of the query parameter that contains the function name to call. Defaults to callback.
  • callbackName: Optional. The name of the callback function
  • timeout: How long to wait until this is considered to be an unsuccessful request.
    • Note: all unsuccessful requests are currently treated as 404s


      timeout: 3000,
      callbackName: 'someOtherName'
    })).end((err, response) => {
      // response => {}
      // err => new Error('404 NotFound')