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Super Contentful

Command line management tool for Contentful.


To install Super Contentful with Yarn, type in the following command on the terminal:

yarn add super-contentful

To install Super Contentful with NPM, type in the following:

npm install super-contentful


Once you installed Super Contentful, a global scf command should be available for use(scf stands for Super Contentful).

The tool follows a workflow for working with Environments and Spaces in Contentful with management commands(and sub-commands).

See Workflow for a description on how to use to migrate data and test new features using Contentful.

Exploring scf

First things first, you are free to sneak into Super Contentful using the help flag.

Type in the following in your terminal:

scf --help

scf --help will print a message listing all available commands, with a description for each:

scf <cmd> [args]

Management commands for Contentful

  scf export [args]                 Export Space entries and assets to a JSON
  scf import [args]                 Import content models, entries and assets
                                    from a JSON file
  scf generate [args] <name>        Generate migration file for the content
                                    model of a Space              [aliases: gen]
  scf make-migration [args] <name>  Create an empty migration file
  scf migrate [args]                Parses and runs a migration script on given
  scf environment <cmd> [args]      Management commands for Contentful
                                    Environmets                   [aliases: env]
  scf space <cmd> [args]            Management commands for Contentful Spaces
  scf organization <cmd> [args]     Management commands for Contentful
                                    Organizations                 [aliases: org]

  --help     Show help                                                 [boolean]
  --version  Show version number                                       [boolean]

From there you can explore sub command of scf by typing scf <sub-command> --help. For example:

$ scf export --help

Export Space entries and assets to a JSON file

  --help                 Show help                                     [boolean]
  --version              Show version number                           [boolean]
  --spaceId, -s          Contentful Space ID                            [string]
  --envFile, -f          Location of a .env file       [boolean] [default: true]
  --managementToken, -t  Contentful management token                    [string]
  --contentOnly, -o      Only export entries and assets                [boolean]
  --fromDate, -d         An RFC 2822 or ISO 8601 date time string - When
                         specified this commanmd will only export content and
                         assets that were created since the specified date and
                         time                                           [string]

  scf export                                Export the entries and assets of the
                                            default Space
  scf export -s 7fc67add                    Export the entries and assets of
                                            Space "7fc67add"
  scf export --envFile                      Load environment variables from
                                            <project_dir>/.env, then export the
                                            entries and assets of the default
  scf export --fromDate "2018-06-01 10:00"  Export the entries and assets which
                                            have been updated since(including) 1
                                            June 2018, 10AM


The set of commands provided by Super Contentful implement the workflow described below for both Spaces and Environments in Contentful, thus it can work with both the new subscription(which limit number of Spaces a user can create in favor Sandbox Environments) and legacy subscriptions(which doesn't have Sandbox Environments).

Workflow diagram

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