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Very simple installable open web app to provide toaster-style notification reminders given relative to either the current time or to astronomical events such as dawn, sunrise, or sunset. Note that the astronomical event times are currently determined mathematically rather than by querying an online service.

Uses MeeusSunMoon for astronomical calculations.

I have experienced Geolocation errors periodically, but that may be due to my specific location or network settings.



npm install .

Higher priority todos

  1. Ask for notifications permission immediately so it will work the first time used!
  2. Debug and reinstall "install" button
  3. Get ES6 modules working
  4. Change cache.manifest to service worker; add <link> for Web Manifest discovery
    1. Test offline manifest on server, ensuring no dependencies missing
      1. Add content policy directive indicating no Ajax needed, etc. (see if Firefox will, with an add-on if not by default, display this (for privacy reassurances to user))
  5. Modularize and use localization function _ (and separating out the locales as well including in createNotification file), so it can be reused across modules); publish to npm

Possible to-dos

  1. Allow fractional minutes (if able to keep input steps)
  2. Make geolocation options (and option to use watchPosition in place of getCurrentPosition--the latter being used currently due to intermittent Geolocation errors) configurable
  3. Option to auto-store latest latitude/longitude from Geolocation in order to work next time offline
  4. Indicate original expected time on notices? (since geoloc may have updated)
  5. Config to auto-delete expired timeouts (one-time ones) instead of just disabling
  6. Display dialogs instead of alerts/confirm for save/delete
  7. Optionally change close event (and message for it) to give optional prompt to snooze instead of just closing
  8. Allow specification of applicable date range or all
  9. Presets, e.g., for Baha'i Fast, obligatory prayers (relative to morning, noon, or sunset), dawn prayers (though configurable afterward, e.g., in relative minutes after or before)


Thanks to MeeusSunMoon for a great library and to dear_theophilus of openclipart for the Rising Sun public domain clip art.



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