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What is Sumeru Framework?

Sumeru Framework, a simple but powerful Web App framework, provides rich functionalities for building de-facto Web Applications based on cloud technology. Sumeru framework offers awesome features such as data-unify, adaptive feedback, realtime network connection etc. Developers benefits from Sumeru Framework in terms of coding efforts, performance and application distribution.

Live Demo: Manage To-Do Lists Across Multiple Devices

Click and use multiple devices/browsers simultaneously to tryout the live demo with realtime sync of To-Do Lists

Click to see a live video ====>

How to install and run sumeru


npm install -g sumeru

Init a sumeru project

sumeru init ./myproject

Run sumeru

cd myproject

sumeru start

How to update existing installation to the lastest version

Check current installed version

npm ls -g sumeru


grep '"version"' /usr/local/lib/node_modules/sumeru/package.json

Check the up-to-date version number

npm view sumeru version

Update sumeru

npm update -g sumeru

Update existing project to use the lastest version (with auto backup, of course)

sumeru update ./myproject


sudo sumeru update ./myproject


Step1: Getting Started

Step2: Your First App

Step3: Overview

Step4: API Documentation