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Sucks Markdown outta your source files.


Sucks Markdown outta yo source code, regardless of language.

Basically, it'll transform:

// # Function identity(a) 
// The identity function. 
function identity(a){ return a }


# Function identity(a)
The identity function.

function identity(a) { return a }
$ npm install -g sug
$ sug convert your-file.js
$ cat
sug --- Sucks Markdown outta your source files.

sug languages               Display supported languages
sug convert <files...>      Converts files to Markdown
sug -h | --help             Displays help text
sug --version               Displays version number

  -o --output=DIR           The output directory
  -l --language=LANG        Forces using language for all files

Sug will run sweetly on top of Node 0.10+, with the new Stream support.

Copyright (c) 2013 Quildreen Motta.

Released under the MIT licence.